We spoke to Klingande, this is what happened…

We spoke to Klingande, this is what happened…

May 17, 2016
6 minutes read

Our readers will know your sound from the melodic productions that saw your sound travel around the world in 2015, particularly across the UK and North America. What tracks are you working on at the moment and do these follow your existing winning formula of great instruments and great vibes – what can we expect from you this year?

I’m working on a lot of different tracks, with multiple influences. I just follow my inspiration and my heart, playing with what I like to create my music. It will of course be different to Jubel and Punga or Riva, like Losing U which is the latest one and really different with more pop influences. I want to release a new single at the end of June, and then an EP or Album at the end of the year, I have a lot of songs, but I really want perfect productions so I take my time.

What is your creative process when making new music, is it something you create very quickly with moments of inspiration or do you take your time to perfect your craft?

I really take my time, of course sometimes I have an idea and I can make it really quickly, but to finish a song I’m slow because I really want everything to be perfect. I’m a perfectionist, sometimes too much, but I just want to deliver something which is, for me, of great production quality.

We often see live musicians performing alongside your sets, can you tell us more about this, do you take them to every show?

I don’t have them on every show, It’s just when I can, and when I want them. This summer I’ll play very often with Violin + Sax, and sometimes the drums and harmonica. I really love that because we are a band on tour, it’s much more fun, and the crew is great. It’s also a great feeling on stage to be with these musicians, and having fun together, doing a great show for the crowd. I really enjoy this.

We can only guess that 2016 is your busiest yet, what are you most excited about for this summer and where can we see you playing over the summer?

Yes there is a lot of things coming, I’m really excited to play at Ushuaia this summer with David Guetta, Robin Schulz, Oliver Heldens, Kygo and more, it’s great to be part of this. I also have my own party at Amnesia Ibiza with Kungs, Sam Feldt and Klangkarussell. The sax player Lovely Laura will be with me at all the shows in Ibiza. There is of course Tomorrowland which is always amazing, and some big festivals like South West 4 in London, Laundry Day in Belgium, Lollapalooza in Berlin, Spring Awakening in Chicago, Bang On! in New York… I’m also very excited as I’ll be back in US for two tours in June and September. So yeah, a LOT of things this summer 🙂

Where is your favourite country to DJ and what type of crowd do you prefer – big festivals or intimate encounters?

That’s a tough one, for example last week I was in Tokyo and the crowd was fabulous, but I love to play everywhere, and in big festivals as much as small places. It’s not about where and in front of how many people, for me it’s more about the vibe, and when I feel the connection with the people in front of me, It’s a perfect party for me.

What are your favourite tracks to play at the moment?

I love to play the latest tunes from Michael Calfan, they are really stuck in my playlist these days

What were your influences growing up?

It’s just growing from what I like, the songs and music genres I have in my playlists. I used to love progressive house, then deep house, melodic house, house, now I really dig future bass like a lot of people, but I like it, I don’t want to switch to this genre or another. All of this just influences me.

Is there a particular question that doesn’t get asked enough?

I don’t have one right now!

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have 5 essential items and 5 songs to play for the rest of time, what would they be?

I think I would bring
a piano
a lighter
Paper and a pen
my computer
Family pics

and the 5 songs

Oasis Wonderwall
Flume Drop the Game
Disclosure You & Me (Flume remix)
Bob marley Jamming
John Lennon Imagine

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