Our Guide To Festival Essentials

Our Guide To Festival Essentials

June 14, 2016
5 minutes read

It’s Festival Season. Strictly speaking, it’s never not festival season if you factor in the snow festivals of spring and the collection of European city events through autumn and winter. However summer is definitely ‘peak’ festival season.

Chances are you’ve either bought or are about to buy your ticket, you camping / accommodation is secured and some of have you have even managed to put some funds aside – (whilst the rest of you are just going to roll in with that trusty credit card. You can justify that guilt to your mates by mumbling something about cashback abroad…). This isn’t your first rodeo, so we’re not going to sit here and tell you what to pack, but as a veteran of too many events ourselves, we’ve got a couple of accessories we’d recommend you take to make the day to day pre-game and beach side of your holiday just that bit better. Take a look at some of our Festival Essentials:

A Portable device charger

Because only one of you brought a plug adapter and you missed your allocated charging time slot because Becky with the good hair was hair drying her good hair. Heading out with 15% batt is not a good look. Lose your mates at the bar and without a phone you may never see them again. They’ll move on. Get married. Move to Canada. At the very least they won’t be at the back of the Loco Dice stage anymore.

Go With: Slimger

Get yourself a Slimger portable charger. Why? They’re the size of a credit card and crucially, the cable fits inside the card. Stick it in your wallet and, like your passport in your UK room at 4am this morning, forget all about it until you suddenly really need it.

Price: $49 USD

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Like 90s lyrics, food stalls and DJs that don’t produce, Bluetooth has made an unlikely comeback at just around the time people thought it was gone for good. That’s largely because the latest generation of Bluetooth speakers are our modern day ghetto blasters. No cables, no plugs, bags of battery life and enough volume for room 2 of a house party – or for what it’s worth a serious apartment pre-game or beach session.

Go With: UE Boom 2

Don’t be tempted by the cute, cheaper offerings on Amazon. Once you’ve had one, you’ll just want one better. Go straight to source with the UE Boom 2 – it’s one of the top performers in the market, is the size of a beer can, has a stack of battery life, is tough enough for beaches, knocks and the odd windy spill on balcony incident plus it looks reassuringly sexy.

Price: £110

A Portable Beach Towel

Heads up: camping? You’re gonna need a towel. Staying in an apartment? There’s a good chance that you’re also gonna need a towel. Unfortunately airlines charge a small nation’s GDP for main baggage so hand luggage is the only option. Thinking smart on space is key.
Go With: Nabaiji
Nabaiji (just copy and paste it into google…) are a sports brand that do beach-size towels (130 x 80 cm) made of microfiber – it feels a sort of like fleece or suede, but crucially the whole thing wraps up to smaller than a pair of boxers – making it portable even in the lightest of bags.

Price: £15

A Beach Bag

Or, a festival bag. Basically something different than the bag you use to get your kit to the airport and back, which you can then use for trips to festival site, or to the beach.

hype clear bag
Go With: Hype’s See Through Bag
Whilst we’re willing to admit that at festival sites it may not be the most wildly practical as far as storing valuable go. But for the odd hoody, bit of suncream and a few odds and ends, clear bags are in the process of making something of a comeback…

Price: £25

Spare Flip Flops

Because Flip flops are like so many festival romances. They seem perfect, until they suddenly break. Have a spare, just in case.
Muji flip flops
Go With: Muji

They do a nice range, for a £5. Job done.

Price: £4

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